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About Lori

Ribbon Cutting at Tom&Chickpea Derry, NH

Lori Morgan​

My name is Lori Morgan and I am a furniture painter and creator of wall art (canvas paintings) and I offer various arts and craft classes.


I am a distributor of paint products from Wise Owl and from Daydream Apothecary.


I am based out of Derry in Southern New Hampshire. My background is in interior design, although at one time I was also a newspaper reporter and landscape worker.


Tom, of the TomandChickpea is my late husband who I lost suddenly in April of 2017. We have two children, now ages 13 and 10. Our world stopped while I dealt with this tragedy. 


About a yearish ago I picked up a paint brush and here I am with almost 700 people on my Facebook page supporting , encouraging and watching me grow and reinvent myself.


Our kids and Tom are both behind and integral to everything I do. I don't open up often but it seems very important to acknowledge what Tom means to TomandChickpea.


He and I had talked about me painting and he would be behind this 150% even if he'd roll his eyes at some of the work I have turned out.


The Chickpea, contrary to popular belief, was not his nickname for me, I just happen to have a slight addiction to them and I like the way it sounds. Picturing him calling me Chickpea is quite hilarious actually!


The photo of me on this page was taken by his sister who is an amazing photographer (please check out her work Jessica Morgan Photography). She has a fantastic sense of humor and is always able to make me laugh.


The photo below is from our wedding. He is so good looking and was the best person in the world. He was strong, hardworking, generous, loyal; I could go on and on. We miss him every day and I do find comfort in my art.  Our children show a lot of creativeness in their own right.


I am always eager to talk about Tom although it is difficult at the same time.


Thank you everyone- fellow artists, family and friends for getting me to this point with lots more to come. XOXO

Visual Storyteller

I am a furniture artist, visual storyteller and custom canvas artist as well. I am inspired by nature and emotion and gravitate towards the boho style, but with my interpretation of what that means to me.


I use Earth friendly products with an emphasis on the Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis line as I love everything about the company and it's products.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
― Pablo Picasso

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