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Auran’t You Glad I Opened A Shop?

As I enter the third year of running a brick and mortar storefront I continue to get immense joy out of the people I meet and daily conversations with new customers.

I'll keep this blog short and sweet :)

Last week I had a couple from out of town come and check out the shop. While they were walking around and chatting with me, a lovely repeat customer had come in as well.

The couple made a purchase and headed out- as they were leaving they continued to speak with each other. The repeat client came up to me and said she overheard them say that they love my "aura" and she says to me - "if that isn't the best compliment you can receive I don't know what is" - or something along those lines - the memory isn't what it used to be ;)

I have to agree - it exemplifies everything I work daily to create within my home away from home. The shop embodies everything I want to feel and see each day- greenery, color, liveliness, beauty, artistic visions coming to life by myself and fellow artists from the area.

So for a stranger to pick up on what I am putting out validates all my hard work in the most beautiful ways.

On a separate but similar note - another client brought home a custom piece I had made for her and she said it puts a smile on her face every time she sees or thinks about it. This is the definition of filling each others cup.

I thank each and every one of you who continue to support my art, my vision and my hard work xoxoxoxo

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