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My Friend Made Me Do It

There are all kinds of friends. Those that know when you need them to just listen. Those that are skilled at playing the Devil's advocate when they see you maybe going awry. Those that understand when you need them to agree with you. I have just about all of these and then some. But I also have one

She came to visit me a few weeks ago- travelling via a bus, car, boat and I think a train. Quite a hike to visit me after a long time of missing each other. She spent a few days in the life of TomandChickpea. We met a stranger to pick up some furniture I had sourced. She helped me stage a makeup vanity I had just finished- which required her to hold a solid wood door above her head to create a pretty reflection in the mirror of the vanity. In our travels, we drove by what is to be the future site of TomandChickpea- to which I told her "I've been eyeing that space for awhile now!" When we got home, she secretly stewed and then said that she, myself and my two kids needed to go look at the building that moment. She can be scary when she wants to be so we listened😊

When we arrived I immediately had butterflies as I peaked in the window.

She grabbed her phone and called the landlord who met us 30 minutes later. He and I negotiated the terms and a lease was agreed upon at that first meeting. The rest is history. Well, history in the making. I met Kerry 30 years ago - we actually didn't care for each other much at our initial introduction and now I don't know what I would do without her. I only wished she lived closer- I need to work on perfecting her scare tactics... love you Kerry and thank you, I think hehe xoxo

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