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Smile for the Camera !

I had a surprise visit from a good friend last week which prompted for a nice dinner out and great conversation -

What stood out to me is as I listed off what I've been doing this summer and also still have planned ahead, is I am in fact getting out - out of my house and out of my comfort zone.

I saw a post from another widow talking about the fear that comes with grief - an unexpected side effect, but a very real one. It can be debilitating at times -

As I posted photos from a weekend away at a music festival, the number of comments about the smile on my face and how glad people were to see that - made me really think to myself about pushing through the fear - the benefits that can come from getting a little uncomfortable. And as always, I consider what I am teaching my kids - what are they seeing in me - as they get older they are so much more perceptive and aware.

Posing with my furniture is out of my comfort zone too - but I am so proud of this piece I just had to :)

I guess overall what I am saying is sometimes I fake it til I make it - but forcing a smile, even if I am not feeling, it can overcome that less than smiley feeling - mind over matter - reminding myself what to be grateful for - opening my eyes to what I may be missing if I default to the "safe" answer of no to invites, excursions and opportunities.

Now if we can have a few less rainy days that wouldn't hurt too :)

Smile on - it's worth it!

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