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Soft Opening Brings Warm Reception

My soft, soft, soft opening on June 19th went perfect! I honestly did not know what to expect. I was a little nervous, a lot excited, and surrounded by people I love love love.

I have been painting for a few years now and have established an audience that is incredibly supportive and sincere fans of my work. I have a lot of repeat clients who mean everything to me. However, the audience I felt I have been missing are those in my very own community.

To work on this, I really targeted my opening to my local Derry residents. I had a feeling their curiosity and attachment to the building my shop is in was big. I was right. The outpouring of positivity to see new life brought to a historical building that has been neglected for too long is just beautiful.

There were hundreds of comments and well wishes within my social media posts. My fear became what if this volume of people visit the first day I am open??? I could sell through my inventory which would be amazing, but how quickly can I replace it?? On the opposite side, I thought, what if no one shows and the shop looks exactly the same when I lock the door as when I unlocked it??

Well, neither turned out to be the case. My Dad always says, you can project for Plan A, B or C and sure enough D is what is going to happen.

The shop did turn out to be full - full of so many of the people who got me to where I am. My in laws (Tom's family xoxoxo), friends I have met within the painting world, my neighbors who have got us through the toughest time, my kids who actively participated in learning my business ie: processing a sale, and new friends (my new neighbors who live behind my shop :) )- and they brought me presents in the form of plants - yay! TomandChickpea was also full of great music (thank you DJ Archie D.), laughs, smiles, hugs and lovely conversation. And, I did get to meet a few people from town to boot.

The photo of me was taken by one of my very first customers, who I got to know after she purchased one of my first elephant paintings. My smile as I look at her is as genuine as they come. Thank you Angel.

As I navigate my hours and business details over the next few months, I will also be planning my Grand Grand Grand Opening for the Fall. Tuxedos and Sequin Dresses will be required along with one of those tall floaty hilarious tube air dancers you see in front of car dealerships- holding a paint brush but of course. If anyone can help me make this happen reach out to me ;) I am only semi-joking hehe.

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