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The Power of Connection

As I am entering my third year of owning a brick and mortar shop, what stands out to me the most are the connections I have made. I do not take this lightly as it has become a driving force for me as a business owner, but also it is helping me to grow as an individual.

I am not a socialite, extrovert, or all around gregarious kind of person - I prefer to keep my head down and just get the work done and spend time with those closest to me. Having said that, when you own a retail business you must converse with people on a daily basis. What I have discovered is that there are Amazing people out there - amazing in big and small ways - I just love hearing people singing to the music I have playing or noting that the shop smells so good. But also, I have had some very real and hard conversations with customers about loss and hardship - we have hugged and cried and expressed hope to see more of each other - connections- showing us we are not alone and we can be there for each other in all the ways that make sense at that time.

The attached photo is a group of women I met for the very first time only a few weeks ago- we shared a house while attending a comprehensive paint workshop that was organized by Daydream Apothecary Paint. These women and I after 3 nights left as life long friends. We have conversed with each other every day since. We talk all things art of course - but also what is happening with us personally- because there is a link between the two no doubt.

Art, self discovery, friendships, growth, bonds- so much more has become of my business than I ever would have imagined -

Blogs are a bit of a mystery to me and I believe there is a recommended length to keep them to lol but lastly I can't omit the connections I have made with local artists whose work can be found in the shop - first and foremost jewelry maker extraordinaire Sue with My Fathers Footsteps , Glenda with GG's Stduio Designs and her one of a kind stained glass and shell trinket holders, Beth with her dried flower arrangements and fresh flowers as well. Stacey with Macrame by Blossoms and her terrariums and macrame - she also encouraged me to take a pottery class which I loved ! Beth with Happy Dose candles who makes scents such as Bottom of Mom's Purse and largely behind why the shop always smells so good. The pottery from Shill Creations, Hippy Craft and Boarding House Pottery are so distinct from each other in the most beautiful ways.

I am excited for all the people I have yet to meet !

Thank you to each and everyone of you for being a part of my journey !

-Lori xo

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