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Time for Another Elephant

I am struggling. Personally and professionally. The loss of my sister has created this whirlwind in me of worry for my family and hers, as well as re-prioritizing, again. My creative mojo has been smothered as a result. Or has it? These are the moments where I need to pick up my paint brush the most. I need to get the pressure of emotions out and painting is such an effective outlet for me to do just that. What I have also been doing is watching a lot of other artists paint to get me inspired and expand my idea of art. I was watching a YouTube video by a woman Charla Maarschalk and she made an important point I needed to hear - as a professional artist, it is not realistic to only paint when you are feeling inspired. That isn’t the best way to reach success in any consistent way. Those are the times to paint paint paint. Get out of your comfort zone, try new color palettes or subject matters or tools. Just keep painting. Having said this, painting elephants Always puts me in a better mindset, so I am prepping a canvas today to do just that. But maybe this one won’t have blue in it for once :) the background I painted on the canvas pictured is not the one for the elephant …. Stay tuned!

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