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Blooming Lovely

Is what is right for me personally right for my business? This is a question I have asked myself every time I have closed the shop for a vacation. Which basically has come down to two weeks out of the year - the week between Christmas and New Years and the week of July Fourth. Even though I second guess my answer repeatedly, I always come back to Yes.

I haven’t taken a big trip or destination vacation any time I have closed - and I couldn’t make it through the whole week without doing some kind of shop related task - but, what I have done, is enjoyed the flexibility to do the work at my leisure and have a lot more time in between to be with my kids, make spontaneous decisions to grab a movie, head to the garden center or just sit on the couch and snuggle. Time with friends and family, our adorable animals and puttering around the house fills me up and rejuvenates me. We got to go tubing, lots of swimming (so fortunate to know people with pools ;) ), a wonderful hike and some therapeutic work in the yard. And painting. Painting isn’t work for me it’s joy.

Anyways, long story short, despite my dream slash nightmare that hundreds of people were milling outside the shop frustrated we were closed, in my heart I know when we reopen on the 10th and you see my face, I will be smiling and happy to be back at it - with wonderful fresh memories toiling around in my mind as I enjoy getting back to my small business that I love so much. See you soon xo

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