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Growing Pains and Switching Gears

Change can often be partnered with growth- with growth- there can also be pain. I learned awhile ago the pain doesn't mean stop or give up- this is the time to plow forward with whatever you have in the tank.

June of this year marked the first anniversary since my brick and mortar shop opened. At that time I made the leap in to doubling my shop space. I am a list maker, and the pros side outnumbered the cons so I went for it.

I had a game plan going in to the expansion that after 3 months of working to bring it to fruition, realized I was on the wrong path.

I have a sense of where to go next, but am also quite open to what may come my way. I have started a schedule of painting classes, of which I am also intending on adding online classes as well ! I am going to fully outfit the additional space with all the paint and tools I use / make it a full on artistic studio that will make anyone and everyone want to grab a brush !

I plan to collaborate with more local artisans to mutually inspire each other and share each others work and love of create energy.

These are a few of my ideas .... but trust me, the wheels are going non stop. If you have any - throw them my way I learn every day !

Lastly- I need to give a Huge shoutout to Sue Carner with My Fathers Footsteps because October makes a year of us working together and I couldn't do it without her !

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