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Beachin’ It!

The beautiful smiling woman next to me is the infamous Kerry. The one who made me pull in to the parking lot of what was to be my future shop while she called the number on the building and set up a meeting with the landlord. I am now approaching six weeks open for business!! I have learned So much and met the most interesting people - I am finally inviting an audience to my work that includes my direct community and it is amazing. But work. Lots of work. I will always follow that up by saying it is a labor of love in the truest sense.

I have a list of custom orders I am working on which is amazing! I have rolled out a second paint line that is a female owned business and loaded with neon colors that are so in my wheelhouse.

I am brainstorming like crazy how to partner with other businesses to collaborate and unite our town in beautiful ways. However, when Kerry offers to come visit, shows up with a car full of furniture she wants me to paint as part of her new beginning- new state, new job, new home I say Yes! Let’s get to work! And we spent two solid days prepping, sanding and painting 4 pieces. She has stuck with me through thick and thin and I haven’t always made it easy for her to be my friend - but I love her more than she knows- and for her to ask me to create artwork to outfit her new home means more than I can say. We are wrapping the pieces up today and I can’t wait to photograph them and show off what we created Together. I know you are going to make big things happen Kerry as you move forward - you have inspired that to happen for me and I will do everything I can to return the positive love, loyalty and success on all fronts. Xoxoxoxo Sidenote: after all our painting my kids missed me, the weather was finally fantastic and we took a whiole perfect day to beach it - what a way to mark how far we have come and the work we have put in. The table and bench set shown has a real beachy serene vibe and is available hehe :)

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