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Bring Your Slippers

I am struggling . I am also not alone in this. I simultaneously recognize struggling does not mean failing.

In the 19 months since opening the shop, I have met at least five widows that I know of. Each story heartbreaking. I have hugged and cried with these women. I have invited them to return to just sit and spend some time talking - but I want to offer that invite in a more official capacity.

Starting next month I am going to start working on creating events that offer a place to heal and all the different ways that healing can occur. Reiki nights, an evening with singing bowls, an outright grief support get together, a sip and shop to just be social and move. I am open to all of these ideas and any that may be suggested to me.

Another holiday season without Tom. The inability to converse with him about gifts for the kids, participating in holiday events as a family- at least these struggles I can anticipate- a little easier than the more subtle ways I get blindsided by the grief. I can at minimum brace myself for the holidays.

And our kids. Always a bright spot for me - and if that isn't an understatement I don't know what an understatement is.

Sue with My Father's Footsteps and I offer all the hugs and openness to hear the hard things - to speak the hard things and know we are not alone. But also- to share the positives because they exist all around us when you're looking.

Maybe not the most cohesive blog but heartfelt and representative of the whirlwind in my head and heart as of late.

The slipper reference : if you know me you know I am obsessed with slippers and travel with them more often than not. Bring your slippers when you come to hang at the shop and keep those feet warm and comfortable - I'll be in mine :)

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