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Gains and Losses

Art is forever, life is brief. This is a quote I saw on the side of a building while visiting Portland, Maine this past Labor Day weekend.

I struggled with the decision to close Saturday because of potential lost sales, but the time and memories I gained with my kids was invaluable.

When I asked my son what his favorite part of the weekend was, he said "All of it" and that's how I know I made the right choice.

My daughter has moved up to high school and my son is on to middle school - I have a strong feeling time is about to go in to hyper drive and I needed to take the last days of summer to slow down and be in the moment - as we all strive so hard to do.

Was TomandChickpea still on my mind? Of course it was. I have put so so much of my time and energy in to growing my business- I can't not think about it. Did I lose sleep over closing ? Yes. Did I paint ? Yes. Did I fulfill orders ? Also yes. Did I check in on my business pages? I did. Just less of it so I could really focus on family.

Today they return to school and I go full speed ahead with creating and growing my art and the shop. Thank you everyone for letting me retreat for a short moment and now let's get ready to amp up paint classes, looking at custom work we can collaborate on, introduce amazing yoga classes in to the shop space and so much more !! I am open to All the possibilities so let's make some magic!

Xo Lori

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