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Holy Cannoli

This picture represents so much. One, it shows my daughter is just about my height and growing in all ways at the speed of light. Two, this was taken Labor Day weekend and indicates the end of summer. Three, my shirt says Team Tank which was the name for a group of us who did three Tough Mudder runs dedicated to my late husband, affectionately called Tank. The third tough mudder, two years ago, is where I severely broke my leg. long story short, time is a funny thing and passes no matter what we do or say. Despite all that has occurred, here I am standing and strong and surrounded by love and the ability to love in return. This trip to the water was made possible by two amazing and enduring friends who shared their vacation cottage with us.

My shop is thriving and growing. My kids are back in school with a really positive start and playing soccer like rock stars. This is a reminder for me more than anyone to take it in, appreciate the moment, recognize the big and little things and acknowledge them in ways that fill your heart and fuel your soul whenever possible.

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