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How to Fit 72 Hours in to a Single Day

Hahaha! Just kidding- it is not possible. No way no how. But this is what has going through my head the past week as I start mapping out when I will open the shop and what the hours will be. Time management is one of my strengths. However, as a single mother of two school age children who both play soccer and have active social lives, there is only so much managing I can do- it is more a matter of just making it happen. And, once again, not hesitating to ask for help when needed ie: carpooling and so forth. When I can, I absolutely repay these favors as well. As excited as I am to own my own business and see it grow, one constant will be my kids are the priority and come before anything. So, the million dollar question: how to grow my business and have my children have full lives as well. Here's what I have come up with so far: I am going to start small. I am going to not overload my shop with inventory nor be open 24/7. I am going to allow myself the freedom to ease in to it and become comfortable and secure in the logistics of owning a brick and mortar. I started painting because of the therapy it offers my mind and soul and I cannot nor will not lose that aspect of my work. It is within that therapy and connection to my artwork that my amazing customers gravitate towards - I know this from both their faces and their words in how they respond to my artwork and furniture pieces. Summer is my Favorite season! I want to blend my love of the beach, time with my kids and painting together as harmoniously as I can. As I write this I am fully aware it may not go as smoothly as I am able to type, but just toning things down, slowing my roll, and keeping my priorities in check immediately offer me some peace of mind. But don't get me wrong, when not with my kids or enjoying summer, every other drop of me will go in to TomandChickpea. The painting pictured here had an Amazing and beautiful response when I posted it on Facebook and Instagram- people's interpretations reinforced why I began painting and the truly lovely and solid people I have all around me. This week I finally get to start laying out my floor plan in the shop and bringing in the big pieces! woohoo!!!!!!

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