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I Love you With All my Art

Where to start????!!! Last night we hosted a gallery opening to showcase some of the local high school students art work from Pinkerton Academy. It came about in the most unexpected of ways, as seems to often be the case - what my Dad refers to as "happenstance." One of the Pinkerton art instructors, Mr. Gonzalez came in to the shop looking for directions. We entered in to a conversation discovering we both have ties to New Jersey, and to art :) I told him I was working on how to connect with the Pinkerton Art Department - fast forward several weeks and the shop walls are covered with the most amazing pieces of local art ! All for sale did I mention ??

In addition to this magical event (which will be in the local paper to boot!) I am hosting another event on small business Saturday, the weekend after Thanksgiving. We will be featuring 7 plus vendors showcasing a lovely variety of creations- including organic wine, handpainted wine glasses, plants, baked goods, crystals, macrame and more ! You don't want to miss it.

Oh and also .... Congressman Pappas is swinging by the shop next week to talk to me in person about running a small business during this particularly complicated time.

So many thank yous to everyone joining me and supporting me on this journey - my heart is full and my creative energy is flowing - so much to look forward to this holiday season.

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