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I Saw the Sign

Things with the shop are moving along! This week my two building signs went up - So, I would like to talk about the origin of my logo :)

The boot.... It is a painting I did of my late husband Tom's work boot. He was in elevator construction - dangerous and incredibly difficult work - and a job he was very proud of as it runs in the family. His father, brother, uncles and grandfather all work in the business as well.

When I began painting, I only imagined ever painting furniture. But as I started following on social media some of the already established artists, I watched them migrate towards canvas art as a lot of the techniques applied to their furniture art could be applied to canvas.

And then I had a dream. I dreamt I should paint Tom's boot.

So I bought a canvas and some acrylic paints, sat on my living room floor with his boot on the coffee table, and what I created is now my logo.

The original painting I have hanging on my wall is loaded with tears. I paint because I lost him and needed to get out of my head. Painting his boot, having it right in front of my face, was emotional to say the least.

Four years later, Tom is still looking out for us. The TomandChickpea signs raised high above my shop in the most amazing historical building, to me is symbolic of both Tom's ability to protect and look over us as well as how far we have come as a family against the most trying of circumstances.

The logo is me and Tom still united and our kids seeing how he will always be there for us and the strength we have as a family unit.

I do not have an opening date as of yet - the porch needs to be completed and I have some paperwork to process with the town. But every day I am working on the inside and when I have the green light I will with glee announce TomandChickpea is open for business!!! Having said that, you can still shop my work via my Instagram and Facebook accounts ;)

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