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Mind Over Money

Time to regroup as my Dad says. Things are shifting for everyone worldwide, and it is scary I know. It is impacting me professionally and personally. I am not alone - everyone is affected. But it is putting a dent in why I started painting in the first place and that needs to stop. The piece in the photo - it is so me. It represents what gives me butterflies when I paint. I felt inspired painting this- my mind was occupied as I took a class with an amazingly talented artist to learn new techniques while creating this dresser . A chance to slow down the constant spinning in my head and focus on something that is positive and beautiful.

I don't want to say I've been greedy in expanding the shop - it was really a practical decision - storage and a utilitarian space to paint and get messy. But the overhead has forced me to scramble on how to generate more money. It feels like when something is forced, the results are never as lucrative or satisfying.

I have some ideas on how to move forward in ways that are truer to me - more authentically why I became an artist- flow more in line with who I am as a person, mother, artist.

One thing I have learned as I age is worry is a wasted emotion - the things I can control are what need my attention. And as always, surrounding myself with wonderful people who have my back (and I have theirs) is Always a good thing - and I have that in spades.

Fall Forward.

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