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My Knees are a Knockin'!

When I was a kid I played softball for years and years, and my father was my coach for a good portion of the time I played. He would say when I was up at bat he could here my knees knocking from nervousness. I am probably jinxing myself, but with opening day of my biggest business venture to date - when my first ever shop doors officially open, my knees are in fact not knocking. I have So much to do but I think with perhaps both age and life experiences, I really try to be realistic about what I can control and what I can accomplish over the course of a day.

Once I signed the lease, I got on the horn with some experienced retail shop owners. The first being Kim Neuens of Kim Neuens Design & Interiors, LLC based out of Douglas, Michigan. She and I share a few key things in common and her success against some serious obstacles (understatement) certainly make me feel optimistic I can make it happen too. She has helped guide me with suggestions for popular inventory and where to get items such as bags to send customers home with stuff (oops! something I definitely would have forgotten until I went to pack up some merchandise!)

Both my mother in law and sister in law own their own businesses and are each in their own ways amazing examples of how to persevere through tragedy and extremely taxing times - through nothing less than hard labor they have managed to keep their heads up and doors open. They each guided me where to research insurance, sourcing signs for the building, marketing ideas and the list goes on.

I have learned over the past few years that asking questions and for help does not mean having to swallow your pride. More often than not people Want to help and are glad you asked. And in turn, it saves me a lot of time where I can be working on other tasks.

The moral of this blog is when you have a strong support system and examples of success and endurance, it makes this venture of mine seem a whole lot more doable. That will be a consistent theme for me- the people around me are absolutely crucial to me moving forward and I am so grateful. My knees are grateful for them too- although my Dad may miss the chuckle he'd get from my bony legs shaking - Dad- this one is going out of the ballpark. xo

P.S. My mother has always told me that if you're not feeling confident, fake it until you are- people sometimes can't tell the difference! There may be a bit of that going on too.... :)

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