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My Therapist is a PaintBrush

This has been a very eventful two weeks, with many many reminders why I began painting. The largest event was the tragic and all too soon loss of my sister Sheri. I cannot really get in to it because I am still very much in the beginning stages of grieving. However, I can say I have been painting quite furiously to occupy my mind and process my feelings. Painting originated after the loss of my husband in 2017 for the same reasons. I want to be clear though, there have been happy moments in between and painting has put a smile on my face as well- the exchange of a piece with any one of my lovely customers - achieving a new finish I didn't know I was capable of- enjoying the sensation of a paint loaded brush gliding across a curvy drawer front.

So over the next few weeks I hope to be able to present multiple new pieces that I can present to you from the depths of my emotions :) often my best work.

Also, I have been actively and aggressively working on the business end of TomandChickpea- to invite more eyes on my work and humans in to my brick and mortar location. I was featured in an article written by Ryan Lessard for Manchester Ink Link (you can find the article on my website and social media pages) - the article incorporates some of the history behind the building I am located in, as well as my future neighbor who is also an artist and I am anxious to meet.

I joined the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce who are a wealth of information on how to grow one's business- one idea I am most looking forward to is networking with other small businesses to learn and grow together.

Lastly, next week I am hoping to roll out a second line of paint I will be retailing called Daydream Apothecary. Currently the color palette will start with all neons with more added as time goes on. I am so excited to incorporate these neons with all of the amazing colors I currently use from Wise Owl Paint. It is going to allow me to truly spread my artistic colorful wings.

I'll be doing lives to reveal the new paint- most likely in real time as I discover its beauty along with everyone else,

As usual, stay tuned! Trust me, I am always in anticipation of my latest work as much as you- totally intuitive and fluid with my art- never know what my hands will create and I hope that never changes.

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