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No Words, and All the Words

I have been nicknamed Poker Face on occasion for my inability to hide my feelings behind my expression. This photo is a perfect example - in the best sense ! The joy I felt at this moment carried through from wielding the big scissors all the way to the very end of the weekend -

The turnout for the ribbon cutting was fantastic. The nicest group of new and old friends and acquaintances arrived with so many smiles along with an embracing support of my business endeavor. The generosity from so many local businesses and organizations means more than I can say.

Being surrounded by my two favorite people - my children- as they were able to witness their mother celebrating the success of her hard work - again, no words. Their part in getting here - being so strong themselves, often giving me the time to work when I needed to- invaluable . I could go on and on and on about all the feelings incited by this past weekend. But, I could also keep it as simple as: What did I love and appreciate about the grand opening of TomandChickpea? All Of It.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Xo

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