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Ready to Leap Ahead

Whenever starting a new job the learning curve can be painful - but it's also one of those things that a few weeks in and you realize how quick you fall in to the groove and no longer feel new.

Well, that has not been my experience since opening the shop and being a "new" business owner. A year and a half later and Now I'm starting to hit that groove -

Challenges: name recognition, getting the word out to the community about where the shop is and what it includes, finding time to expand the business while also painting, navigating relationships with vendors that makes sense for both of us, finding balance with my family life, how to turn my business and creative brain off when not at the shop, sourcing interesting products, growing as an artist, and in general finding my flow.

Non Challenges : meeting Amazing people, discovering how many talented artists live right in Derry and the surrounding towns, connecting with people on a genuine level and feeling more a part of my community than I have since moving here 9 years ago.

Having said all of this - what I want to emphasize is being a business in town has exposed me to more than I ever imagined - and it's all positive. It has opened my eyes to ways we can work together to liven up peoples lives, hearts and creative energy through art and being receptive to what we all have to offer.

With all of this in mind, this year at TomandChickpea keep your eyes and ears alert for a steady stream of workshops and art classes ranging from music therapy, building terrariums to bread baking and everything in between !

I am open to ideas if you'd like to reach out as well because goodness knows I've only just scratched the surface ! #learningandgrowingeveryday

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