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Rolling with the Punches

You don't need me to tell you owning a business is complicated, to say the least. And consuming, rewarding, ever changing and constant. And sure, we all say it's a labor of love which makes it all worthwhile- but I know I question my sanity and endurance within this industry on the regular.

The highlight of this past week was the install and gallery opening to showcase and sell the amazingly talented and unique artwork of local Pinkerton Academy high school students. I have had the luxury of helping to put this together two years in a row in partnership with the student's art teacher Roger Gonzalez (an accomplished artist in his own right). He is a pleasure to work with, inspired, and honestly it wouldn't have happened without all of his coordinating with the powers that be at the high school while also guiding the students to really push themselves creatively. The students themselves did a ton to clear out the walls and hang their work in an aesthetically pleasing and sensible arrangement. Sue with My Father's Footsteps - my partner in crime and fellow business owner located within TomandChickpea- did a ton to clean, organize and prepare the shop for the event as well.

The turnout for the opening was a tremendous success - what a wonderful show of support for the students from the community. I just loved standing with my daughter and taking in the crowd as they browsed through the shop and admired the original artwork on the walls.

Separate from this event, I was busy creating a few pieces of furniture and canvas art myself and really getting back to my layered and colorful painting roots - it's been a joy.

However, a few occurrences over the week still have me scratching my head and scrambling on how to make my business not only succeed, but thrive.

My landlord on the days the shop is closed replaced our huge front facing picture windows - a large but supremely energy saving project. While he was working, he encountered a stream of customers - this is worrisome to me at the thought of customers I am missing while closed. I can only guess these are impulse customers popping in as they drive by-unfamiliar with our hours. I just can't logistically be open every day but I am working on increasing the hours in a manageable way.

Some of the feedback my landlord heard is the shop is much smaller than they thought and there isn't enough things to shop for. This is troublesome also - I work hard to make the shop navigable- I don't want people to feel like a bull in a china shop where things can get bumped in to or broken at every turn.

My point is, I take all of this in, work to process it and come up with actionable solutions.

I am always open to feedback and suggestions - as much as I'd like to believe I can think of everything, we all know that's impossible :)

Anyways .... owning a business is Always a work in progress and all of us business owners appreciate the continued support and feedback from our customers so please keep visiting us and sharing your

ideas !

Thank you for reading my not so short blog :)


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