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Take a Piece of My Heart

I put it all out there every day - if you speak with me about my artwork, my shop, my family - you will always get my total honesty. I am open about why I began painting, what it offers me mentally as well as emotionally to create handpainted furniture and canvas art.

I am not alone - I am learning daily that art functions in this same way for more artists than not. As a result, I am actively partnering and collaborating with other local creators in so many exciting ways.

Within the shop I carry items from at least four separate artisans in the area and that number is increasing regularly.

I have been hosting a lovely local singer to play her music on the front porch and her husband joined her this past visit- and it was amazing!

I intend on hosting a breadmaking event over the next few weeks with a woman who makes bread that is almost too beautiful to eat.

And.... I have a project in the works with the local high school that I Cannot wait to announce !!!

Lastly, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday and so far I am hosting 9 other small businesses to display and talk about their offerings - what an opportunity to be inspired, not to mention a bit of holiday shopping.

The wheels are always turning so if you have any ideas/suggestions on ways I can further collaborate with and/or support and participate within the local artisan community please reach out - I am a sponge soaking up all the area has to offer -

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