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Too Legit to Quit

Tomorrow is the Big Day! I have been so busy painting like crazy and making arrangements I hadn‘t, until 3 am last night, taken the time to think on how I feel about this weekend deep down.

I have been downplaying it to myself and those around me - and I don’t know why. It truly is a Big deal. It is the culmination of a tremendous journey for myself and my kids since the heartbreaking loss of Tom, my husband and their father, in 2017. It is the result of continuous physical and creative labor, never mind the emotional work the three of us put in to heal and figure out how to move forward.

I realized I am going to be a mental tornado tomorrow. So no mascara for me! (Kidding- I never wear mascara :) )

Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly excited - the maneuvering of the huge scissors to cut the ribbon may have me the giddiest out of everything haha! My number one client who sadly cannot attend, did me the service of pointing out she is disappointed to not be able to share in this event because it marks how far we have come. Totally adjusted my thinking on what the Grand Opening symbolizes.

Also, Sue Carner of My Fathers‘ Footsteps who shares a portion of the shop space, has worked tirelessly to prepare delectable food, clean the shop and assist me in putting the best foot forward that I can. I cannot appreciate nor thank her enough.

Tom and I spent a lot of time acknowledging to each other all the good around us- both people and things. I plan to do the same tomorrow.

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